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Say Goodbye to Boring Gifts

Here at Gifts By You, we want to say goodbye to boring, unimaginative gifts, because when you give a perfect gift it’s just as joyful as receiving it.

About us

Founded by myself, Emma Patel, Gifts By You aims to inspire happiness and kindness through the act of giving. We achieve this by making it easy for you to give thoughtful presents, through our selection of unique, personalised and bespoke gifts - all inspired by you.


Each gift is made especially for that special person and will fill their hearts with love and joy.

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the thrill of giving the perfect gift. Handing over a present that has been carefully curated or handmade by myself. Something truly unique to the recipient, that really shows that I understand the inner workings of that person. 

The glint of excitement in their eyes, as they open the carefully wrapped present, and the gasp of delight as they see what it is… That’s the moment - the moment that fills my heart with pure joy.

Here at Gifts. By You, we want everyone to feel that sense of joy that comes from giving a truly thoughtful gift. And we can help you.

Emma Patel - founder of Gifts By You

Emma Patel


We also create custom designs
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bespoke gifting

Gifts By You produced the most exquisite memento of my father's late mother! It truly was a sight to behold. The cherry on top was my dad’s emotional reaction when he lifted it out of the box.


I have never seen my dad cry in all of my 38 years but when the tears rolled down his cheeks, I knew that this gift was more than just a beautifully designed picture that captured his mother’s beauty and heart. It was a stolen moment in time that encompassed a mother’s love for her son and one that I know he will treasure forever!


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