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Housewarming Gifting 101

I recently visited a friend in her new home and was reminded as to what a significant milestone it is to move house. It marks a fresh start, new memories, and countless adventures to come. I wanted to commemorate this occasion with an appropriate gift, not only to show my support for her journey ahead, but also to wish her a long and happy time in her new home.

Basket filled with items for a housewarming gift
Housewarming Gift Hamper

After some research I was surprised to see that certain gifts have a more significant meaning. So I thought I’d put together this guide to help find the perfect housewarming gift, whatever your budget.

PLANTS - May you home always have life A touch of greenery in a new home is always a win. Potted plants or succulents not only add life to the space but also improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere.

BREAD - May your home never know hunger Buy (or make if you can!) a delicious, loaf of artisanal bread. Add an extra bit of elegance and wrap it up in a pretty tea towel. Not keen on bread? How about some scones or bagels.

OLIVE OIL - May you be blessed with good health and well-being There are many different types of olive oil out there to suit everyone's budget: ones infused with different flavours, artisanal ones and even premium/rare ones. You could also create your own olive oil infusion, by adding good quality fresh herbs to it. Still looking for more? Why not pair the olive oil with a lovely bottle of balsamic vinegar too.

RICE - May the love in your home multiply How about filling a jar with rice and a mixture of your favourite dried herbs and spices to create your own flavoured rice. Include a recipe to explain how to cook the rice and you have a thoughtful homemade gift. Happy to spend a little more? How about some rice bowls? Or even a rice cooker?

HONEY/SUGAR - May you always enjoy sweetness in your life There is nothing better than fresh, local honey: runny, sticky and sweet. Why not jazz it up by adding some cinnamon sticks, raw nuts and dried fruit, to make a delicious accompaniment to baked cheese or yoghurt. But if you are not a fan of honey, you could try some honeycomb sweets. Or fill a pretty jar with some regular sugar and infuse with with vanilla pods or cinnamon powder.

SALT - May there always be flavour in your life

There are so many options for this one… flavoured salt (homemade or bought), elegant salt shakers/mills, ceramic salt pots, Himalayan salt lamps, sea salt chocolate, exotic salt scrubs… The list is endless!

WINE - May you always have joy in your home and never go thirsty Select your favourite wine and share this with your friend. Pair it with some beautiful glasses (even better if you can personalise them!) to give a gift that can last longer. Don’t drink wine? how about some interesting juices instead?

PINEAPPLE - May you enjoy good cheer, warmth and celebrations Whilst you could aways give an actual pineapple, I’d be more inclined to give something a little more creative, like tasty pineapple preserve, pineapple jelly beans or even pineapple infused vodka! If you are lucky, you might even find a pineapple shaped candle, and since candles have their own significance (see below) this would be a double wammy!

CANDLE - May you have light through the darkest of times There is so much choice available now for candles. Different scents, shapes and sizes.Opt for candles with soothing scents like lavender or vanilla to help your friend unwind after a long day of unpacking and settling in. Pair it with a beautiful holder, or candle accessories such as wick trimmers, candle snuffers, or decorative matches.

WOOD - May your home have stability, harmony and peace A wooden chopping board is the first thing that springs to mind here, and to make it extra special, personalise it! There are also a wide array of mango wood trays and bowls out there. I also like the idea of wooden or rattan storage boxes, as they can also double up as a packaging for your gift! And for the more adventurous home owner, how about a wood cutter?

COIN - May you receive luck and good fortune Well I guess you could give an actual coin for this, although it may seem a tad strange, even if the sentiment makes sense. So how about a keyring with a coin in it? I set one in resin for my friend. But there are also keyrings that you can buy that hold coins in them. A cute little coin purse filled with coins would also be make for a beautiful gift.

On their own, or combined, these items make truly heartfelt gifts. Adding a personal touch and linking it to the recipients likes will create a thoughtful gift that will be cherished by the new homeowner.


NEED SOME HELP MAKING YOUR GIFT MORE PERSONAL? I’ve created some labels that you can use to help personalise your gifts:

Housewarming Gift Labels
Download PDF • 737KB


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