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10 Tips for Surviving Christmas Shopping

Can you believe there are only 12 more Fridays until Christmas… it’s fast approaching! It feels rather daunting doesn’t it? But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. These ten tips will help get you through the festive shopping season in one piece.

Make a list and check it twice

If it’s good enough for Santa it’s good enough for you! Make a list of all the people you need to buy for and keep checking it! Note down all the things you know they like and any ideas you might already have for a gift.

Budget, budget, budget

Set a budget for your overall Christmas gifting and break it down to have a rough amount for each person. Then stick to it!

The early bird catches the worm

Once you have your list and budget, start shopping early. This will not only spread out the cost, but will also allow you to find the best price for your gift and make use of any discounts/sales that business may have on offer.

Oopse. Sorry!

It’s best to stay clear of clothing. Sizing can change per store and you really don’t want to offend someone by getting something that doesn’t fit or suit them. Plus it means that you can’t buy the gift early as you’ll need to keep in mind the store’s exchange policies to ensure that the recipient can swap it out if necessary. Perhaps instead think of giving a clothing store gift card.

Shop small, shop local

Shopping at your small and local establishment is super convenient. You don’t have to look far for the perfect gift as these types of shops usually provide unique, quality items that are often sustainably sourced and fairly priced. They tend to offer great deals with excellent customer service because you are more than just a sale to them. And you’ll feel great shopping there too, knowing that you are investing in your community.

Beat the queues and shop from home

The crowds and queues at Christmas can make for a stressful shopping experience. So why not think about shopping online. Then you can shop till you drop from the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of businesses that deliver nationwide and offer gift wrapping with a personal message and deliver direct to the recipient! Just keep an eye on their last day for orders to reach in time for Christmas.

Crafty, crafty

Why not consider making your own gifts. These can add a real personal touch to your present and can save you money too. Just remember to plan ahead though to ensure that you have everything you need.

Just in case

It’s an idea to get a few extra universal presents in the event you need to give a last minute gift. The more generic it is the better. And if it’s something that you also like, then you can always keep it if you don’t end up giving it away. Win, win!

Secret Santa

If you are part of a large family or friends circle, think about partaking in Secret Santa. Overall you’ll spend less money, and you’ll be able to get a far better gift than you normally would. It will save you time and remove some of the stress of what to buy all the different people. But most of all the added mystery is so much fun.

Keep it under wraps

There’s something to be said for a nicely packaged gift. It intensifies the entire unwrapping experience. Apple knows this all too well. Wrapping it yourself adds personality and leaves a positive impression. But we all know that wrapping presents can be overwhelming during the Christmas period so why not make use of the wrapping services offered by most businesses or malls


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