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500 Instagram Followers

Wow! I can't explain just how chuffed I am this evening. It's been a while in the making time coming, but today, after 485 days the Gifts By You Instagram account has reached its first milestone... 500 glorious followers.

Celebrating reaching 500 followers on Instagram
Whoop Whoop...We have 500 followers on Instagram

For many, this may seem like an insignificant number to be celebrating. But for me and small my business, it's a huge achievement in an area that I know very little about. I believe it's the small wins that lead to the big victories, and this is most certainly one of those wins.

It's been a long, yet fun road, and I couldn't have done it without the efforts, support and knowledge of the two amazing ladies from Bundle Media; Stacey and Megan.

A special shoutout goes to all 500+ followers. Thanks for liking my posts, entering all the competitions, for referring us to you friends and of course for shopping with us too. You guys rock!

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy this win.


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