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Addicted to Gift Giving

I love giving gifts!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have cherished giving presents. There’s something about finding the perfect gift followed by the subsequent heartfelt response that warms my soul! Gift giving is most defiantly how I express my love to others.

It was recently my son’s 15th birthday and after searching long and hard for a gift that would convey how much he's loved, I decided that whilst he was away, I'd spend the week redecorating his room. It was a LOT harder than I was expecting, and I had to finally accept that I have an aging body! 😳 By the time I finished, every muscle was sore from overuse and every bone ached with tiredness.

But it was all worth it to see my son’s reaction.

Gift giving is just as rewarding as receiving one

That gesture of bringing immense joy to someone else, fills my brain with dopamine and my heart with love. There is for me, nothing else quite like it. It’s addictive!

So the next time you need to give someone a present, think about their passions, hobbies and favourite things. Find a gift that is thoughtful and reminds the recipient of you. And if you’re struggling? Let me help. I’ve been lucky enough to be an integral part of hundreds of special and thoughtful gifts!

Let’s see if we can’t get you addicted to giving the perfect gift too.


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