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The Gifting Queen

I’m Emma, founder of Gifts By You. Or as my husband and boys like to call me, the Gifting Queen!

The inspiration behind Gifts By You.
Me and my crazy family!

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the thrill of giving the perfect gift. Handing over a present that has been carefully curated or handmade by myself. Something truly unique to the recipient, that really shows that I understand the inner workings of that person. The glint of excitement in their eyes, as they open the carefully wrapped present, and the gasp of delight as they see what it is… That’s the moment - the moment that fills my heart with pure joy.

The first gift that Gifts By You made for a special teacher
The Inaugural Gifts By You Gift!

Back in 2015, I was having trouble finding a gift for an exceptional grade 0 teacher. Failing to find a suitable present I decided to make one. With my skills as an experienced graphic designer and crafter, I set to work. The result was a beautifully framed picture with words of love from each of the children she had taught. The sentimental gift brought tears of happiness!

And just like that, from my pajama lounge, Gifts By You was born. The aim? To spread happiness by creating personalised gifts that are inspired by you. Gifts that are so perfect for the recipient, that not only are their hearts filled with love and joy, but so are yours. For in the words of St Francis of Assisi “It’s in the giving that we receive.”


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