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The Perfect Gift

A perfect gift is one that the recipient will cherish long after it has been received. But what is the point? Why should we invest the time in finding that perfect, sometimes elusive, gift? Well, a meaningful gift helps nourish valuable connections with people. They help us to invest in relationships, so we can truly experience love and friendship.

Agreed though. It is not always easy to find that meaningful gift, to express how we feel. So here are some tips to help you along!

  1. Make the gift all about the recipient. This seems obvious, but we often, without realising, give gifts that we would love to receive, which is fine if we are sure that it is what the recipient would also like.

  2. Find a gift that truly speaks to the person. Remember your conversations about what they like and dislike, their passions and needs, and keep that in mind when finding a gift.

  3. The gift doesn’t need to last. It can be a consumable gift, or even better, an experience gift, as long as it ties in with rule 2.

  4. Avoid self-improvement gifts. These only remind the recipient of their flaws!

  5. Avoid cliche gifts. Unless there is a personal meaning behind it, they often feel unoriginal and lazy, like you didn't have the time or inclination to buy a more suitable gift.

  6. Is cash king? I have been known on many occasions to pop cash into a child’s birthday card as we run out the door to another party. And to be honest, my teens love it! They are forever changing their minds about what they want, so cash gives them the freedom to decide. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for an adult. Instead, try and think of a place, shop, or restaurant that they like and get a gift certificate. Better still, take them to that place and turn it into a shared experience gift.

  7. Presentation is key. Take the time to wrap your gift, because there is nothing more exciting than receiving a well-packed present. For instance, it almost doesn't even matter what’s inside! Don’t worry if you are not great at it; most places offer gift wrapping as a service too.

  8. Write a card. It’s the perfect way to build a further connection with the recipient and makes it a lot more personal, thus leaving a lasting impression. Try explaining why you thought the gift would be perfect for them or why the person deserves the gift in the first place.


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