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Time For Mom Self-Care

The other week I held a market at a Lifestyle fair aimed at women, where I showcased my Mother’s Day range. As always it was lovely to connect with my customers and hear their feedback on my products. The gifts got a huge amount of positive interest, with many moms commenting that they wish their children/husband’s were there to buy the gift for them!

This got me thinking about how, as women, we often spend our time putting the wants and needs of others before our own. This practice was coined “The Burnt Chop Syndrome” in Australia, a metaphor that refers to maternal sacrifice. Basically if a mama burns a chop whilst cooking dinner, she’ll take the burnt one for herself, and give the rest of the family the better ones, despite all the hard work she put in to making dinner in the first place.

Now, as the cook, if the mom burns the food, then surely it’s only fair that she eats it? Maybe that is the case, but maybe not. After all she spent the time and effort to make it? Perhaps instead the family could all share a portion of the burnt chop, so mom could have a taste of one of the nice ones too.

Most mom’s tend to put themselves at the bottom of the pecking order, giving the best to their loved ones, but not include themselves as part of this.

Mom Self-Care
I got myself my own mama top!

The problems is, as primary care givers mom’s need to fill their own cups to be able to continue being the amazing mamas they are. It’s like the instruction given on aeroplanes - “secure your own mask first before assisting others. Doing this is not a selfish act, but rather an act of mom self-care that ultimately promotes the well-being of everyone.

So this Mother’s Day, why not actively put yourself first. Get that beautiful gift that you’ve had you eye on for the longest time. Watch that movie that the rest of the family doesn’t want to see. And moreover, take the best chop for yourself!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women that look after us and make us feel forever loved.


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